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Your engagement photos will capture your personality and interests as you focus on one another, exchanging a peek, stealing a kiss, or walking hand-in-hand, showing your own personal little world together. I encourage you to choose two or three locations that are special to you as a couple. 

Jordan + Wen: Seashore Exploring
Lily + Ashok: Winter Adventures
& Bridal Crossdressing
Christi + Marcus: Canoing in the Rain
Ashley + Justin: Sparklers & Dayblock
Heidi + Eric: New York Park
Brie + Kail: Urban Engagement
Tiffany + Matt: Snow-ventures
Melissa + James: Our Chapter One
Lisa + Rob: The Start of Our Story is Wonderfully Cheesy
Kim + Ethan: You Make Me So Hoppy
Jackie + Dan: Our Greatest Adventures Awaits
Sara + Alex: Fall Colors & Eau Claire Bridges
Aoife + Joe: Irish Countryside
Liz + Baxter: Wine Country & Beaches
Nicola+Ben: Chasing Purple Walls
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