Fall Family Photos: The Rules of Clothing for your Session

Fall is an amazing time for family photos!   Beautiful locations can be found around every corner. The weather is cool enough that you’re not sweating buckets, while you try to keep your family in order, and also remembering to smile and look lovingly at your family.


One of the first things that most people ask is what should we wear?

The First Rule of Clothing:  Your Face is the Star of the Show

Don’t let your clothing draw more attention than your face. Your faces are the stars of the show. With that in mind, distracting patterns and big logos are best to stay away from. But with that said, adding some texture to your clothing really creates a more dynamic look to your images.

The Second Rule of Clothing: Colors that Work Together

There are many ways that you can blend colors for a stylish modern look.  If you were to print it and put it on your wall what colors work with your color scheme?  Below are a couple of recommendations, but it really just depends on your tastes and the colors around your house.


The Third Rule of Clothing: The Joy of Layers

Layers are great! It’s getting cooler and the vest and scarves are starting to come out. They are fun to incorporate in your session wardrobe. I have had clients that worry about it being too heavy on their necks. So I recommend that you bring them and if your photographer feels like it is too heavy on your neck, they can always recommend you take it off.  Better to have it though, if it’s something you think want.

The Fourth Rule of Clothing: Watch the Bulk

If you are anything like me, you notice that when you are cold and you pile on the clothing that it also adds the impression of extra weight to your bod.  When you are adding layers and scarves, keep an eye out for overdoing the thickness of your clothing.

The Fifth Rule of Clothing: Be Yourself!

At the end of the day, I just want you to be yourself.  Your family is great! You have your own personality and that is what I want to see.  Just remember you’re going to be most comfortable in clothing that represents your style. AND comfort equals relaxed, easy smiles from you and your family for your session.

Bonus Rule: Rules can be Broken

The last thing to keep in mind is that rules can be broken, if you are ever uncertain, you can always ask your photographer for opinions.  The Rules are really more like guidelines. At the end of the day, your happiness with the images is the MOST important thing.


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