Birth Photography – Baby Sawyer

“When I’m in labor I go inside myself.” -Christina No spoken words were ever more true. Everyone has a different labor story and a different experience. Comparisons between them are not fair. But empathy and understanding of birth between women are aplenty. When Christina (Mom) and I spoke about me being at her birth, she felt great about me being in the room but trepidatious about a few angles that she didn’t want me to capture. Her rules were: no noises, no VJ shots and stay out of the way like a fly on the wall. When I arrived in the room the morning of her induction, she was in good spirits and quick to laugh, in between her contractions. Paul (Dad) was at the ready if she needed anything from water to a back rub. Things progressed slowly as they slowly upped her Pitocin levels and just like Christina said, as her contractions hit, she would fall silent and pull into herself, gritting through the pain with her mental energy and internal strength. She tried different methods for laboring including rolling on the ball, leaning over the bed or the blowup horseshoe, but never wavering to almost complete silence […]

| t r i p l e t s | Please welcome the Evans’ Triplets

When I think of newborns, the thought that follows is of cuddly adorable angels, followed by a happy sigh. Newborns are the most precious, gorgeous little humans to photograph! When I was approached last October and asked about photographing triplets, I was beyond thrilled! What an amazing opportunity to capture not one, but three perfect newborn babies.   Sarah and Mike greeted their precious triplets, Rhys, Zander and Pippa, on December 6, 2014.    And on the 24th of January 2015, I went to their home for the triplet’s first photoshoot. Their mom, dad, grandma, and I had so much fun oohing and ahhing at how perfect and snuggly they were in the happiness of the basket or the bunk beds. Aren’t they just AMAZING!? I love these beautiful babies! Thanks to everyone that helped make these adorable photos possible.     ON-LOCATION IN REDWING, MINNESOTA