Birth Photography – Baby Sawyer

“When I’m in labor I go inside myself.” -Christina No spoken words were ever more true. Everyone has a different labor story and a different experience. Comparisons between them are not fair. But empathy and understanding of birth between women are aplenty. When Christina (Mom) and I spoke about me being at her birth, she felt great about me being in the room but trepidatious about a few angles that she didn’t want me to capture. Her rules were: no noises, no VJ shots and stay out of the way like a fly on the wall. When I arrived in the room the morning of her induction, she was in good spirits and quick to laugh, in between her contractions. Paul (Dad) was at the ready if she needed anything from water to a back rub. Things progressed slowly as they slowly upped her Pitocin levels and just like Christina said, as her contractions hit, she would fall silent and pull into herself, gritting through the pain with her mental energy and internal strength. She tried different methods for laboring including rolling on the ball, leaning over the bed or the blowup horseshoe, but never wavering to almost complete silence […]

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One of my favorite things about being a photographer is growing with a family. I met Andy and Deann back in 2013 when they were expecting their first daughter, Harper. I have had the honor and privilege of continuing to photograph them as their family has grown from two to four. And now the little angel who I first met as a bump, has now turned two. I can’t believe she has already been on this earth for two whole years.  What I love most about Harper is her sweet little energy and curiosity about the world. She has become such a little person!  When we were choosing the location for this shoot, a bookstore wasn’t the first thing that came to mind, but after chatting about fun places that she might enjoy, a bookstore seemed to be a wonderful option as a place for her to explore. We looked at and smelled the pages of old books, wandered through the shelves, and stop and read a few pages here and there, enjoying the ambiance that comes with a quaint bookstore.  And what followed are the little gems shown above. Please join me in wishing Harper a very Happy Birthday!  

Fall Family Photos: The Rules of Clothing for your Session

Fall is an amazing time for family photos!   Beautiful locations can be found around every corner. The weather is cool enough that you’re not sweating buckets, while you try to keep your family in order, and also remembering to smile and look lovingly at your family.   One of the first things that most people ask is what should we wear? The First Rule of Clothing:  Your Face is the Star of the Show Don’t let your clothing draw more attention than your face. Your faces are the stars of the show. With that in mind, distracting patterns and big logos are best to stay away from. But with that said, adding some texture to your clothing really creates a more dynamic look to your images. The Second Rule of Clothing: Colors that Work Together There are many ways that you can blend colors for a stylish modern look.  If you were to print it and put it on your wall what colors work with your color scheme?  Below are a couple of recommendations, but it really just depends on your tastes and the colors around your house. The Third Rule of Clothing: The Joy of Layers Layers are great! It’s getting […]